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Our Statement

Desktop: Exclusive – Inclusive – Sustainable

Build a successful and sustainable company, that:

  • Keeps its principles and vision constantly updated, but that also adds value and measurable results, positively impacting the lives of our customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, aggregate professionals and, consequently, the society in which we are inserted.
  • Awakens in its employees a sense of owner, loyalty, and commitment, preserving the basic values that guarantee the continuity of the human being, including the care for natural resources and for the people.



Always put the customer at the center of all our actions (so that the customer feels exclusive), offering the best experience through:

  • Innovative services and products;
  • Fast, stable and secure connectivity;
  • Meeting quickly and effectively all your demands.



Transform the lives of people of all ethnicities, social classes and genders, and transform their businesses, through high quality and speed connectivity, bringing Desktop services to as many households as possible.

Develop a work environment with conscious leadership that inspires loyalty and high performance in our teams. Develop passionate employees with collaborative sense and encouraged to seek innovative solutions that bring lightness and agility to the Company’s processes and systems.



Operate with high profitability margins and investment returns, in order to allow the two purposes described above to become possible and sustainable in the long term.