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Backbone – main network through which internet customer data travels. Their function is to link centrals of internet operators to external servers, whether national or international.


B2B – Business-to-business, deals (trade, services) carried out between companies.


B2C – Business-to-consumer, delas (trade, services) carried out between a company and the final customer.


FTTH – Fiber-to-the-home, fiber optic direct interconnection technology between the access supply center and the customer’s residence, with less interference and less loss.


HCs – Homes Connected, number of homes connected to our network, that is, our customers.


HPs – Homes Passed, number of homes that are within range of our network, that is, our coverage.


ISP – Internet Service Provider, organization that provides internet access service.


Lit Fiber – Fiber network structure in use


Optical fiber – technology that allows the transmission of light by continuous reflections inside a surface until the arrival of the other end, without losses. Used for data transmission in multiple segments. Small in size, with material that is easy to install and manage.


Ports / Gateways – number of fiber ports ready to serve the customer.


Port Penetration – Number of ports occupied by clients.