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Desktop Statement

In 1997 Desktop was born, and with it, was born the dream that for years had been idealized by the founders: Connect!

Connect ideas, solutions, paths. Connect people, products, services. Connect humanity and its dreams. Connect the present with the future.

We started our mission to bring more connectivity and technology to homes and companies. And wanting more and more for these customers, we’ve always looked for the best. We were never accommodated. And with the search for more alternatives, more courage, more people and work, we built the values ​​that guide each of our decisions.

VELOCITY (V): Transforming information into ideas and ideas into actions. See, we want to be fast, not act in a hurry. Hurry brings mistakes. The velocity we want is the agility to present results, to propose improvements, to bring solutions. We want to have speed in the quality of services we offer, in the technology we use, exceeding the time you expect. Agility is the ability to be faster in a world that is already so fast today.

BOLDNESS (O): Take smart risks and face challenges. Manage successes and failures and always seek alternative paths with intelligence, with strategies that value our team. Each experience builds our strength and opens our range of possibilities.

GROWTH (C): Always move forward, towards the top. We want to be leaders, always growing and always looking ahead.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (E): Customer first, with integrity in my actions, in my services and in my character with everything and everyone. We value a team capable of idealizing, coordinating and carrying out, and we count on the partnership of each person. We give each employee the opportunity to be the owner, assuming responsibilities, achieving goals, bringing solutions.

SYNERGY (S): None of us is as good as all of us together. We need to act with simultaneous efforts. All are important pieces in teamwork, each one represents a small part of the result.


Desktop wants to position itself as one of the largest Telecom companies in the country, but without losing the essence that brought us here: Bringing more connectivity, accessibility, entertainment and technology to our Customers, maintaining the service and product differential that is in our DNA.

We keep our principles and vision constantly updated, but we add value and measurable results, positively impacting the lives of our customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, professionals and, consequently, the society in which we operate.

With this, we charge ourselves daily to follow as a company:

INCLUSIVE: Transforming the lives of people of all ethnicities, social classes and genders, and their businesses, through high quality and speed connectivity, bringing Desktop’s services to as many households as possible.

EXCLUSIVE: Put the customer at the center of all our actions, so that they feel exclusive, offering the best experience through innovative services and products, fast, stable and secure connectivity, and responding quickly and effectively to all their demands.

SUSTAINABLE: Operate with high profitability margins and returns on investments.